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Famous, kind of

The top google search result for limb embiggener was this picture of my unpowered exoskeleton arm!
Extendor Articulated Bamboo Exoskeleton Limb Embiggener

But since seeing Ghost in the Shell I now want four wheeled limbs like the Tachikoma's legs.

The back two can probably just be real legs with powered skates, the front two I imagine as being controlled by the arms, and directly in front of the legs while the wearer is in a standing position. That means both ahead and below the arms controlling them.

To maintain the appeal, all legs need to be capable of at least climbing up a step.
The simplest version I could think of would simply allow you to raise and lower the front wheels. This would be pretty bad at climbing steps - if you approached them straight on you'd be wanting to raise both front wheels at the same time, leaving the front unsupported. Better would be if they could also be moved forward and back.

This post is also an excuse to test Dreamwidth's cut tag, and see if it's handled properly in the crosspost to Livejournal

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